Friday, June 5, 2009

Why do people love shoes?

When it comes to shoes, there are just people who could not resist clicking the "Buy Now" button. It seems like more people buy or wants to buy shoes than any other things. This post is dedicated for shoe-crazy people. Please, do not become another Imelda Marcos.

Hope this helps =)

Footwear may range from sandals with upper consisting simply of adjustable laces or ribbons to thigh-boots (the uppers of which cover the leg and the thigh, and which may have straps, etc., for fastening the uppers to the waist for better support)

Examples of footwear:

1. Flat or high heeled shoes for ordinary indoor or outdoor wear.

2. Ankle-boots, half-boots, knee-boots and thigh boots.

3. Sandals of various types, "espadrilles" (shoes with canvas uppers and soles of plaited vegetable material), tennis shoes, jogging shoes, bathing slippers and other casual footwear.

4. Skating boots, ski-boots and cross country ski footwear, snowboard boots, wrestling boots, boxing boots and cycling and other special sports footwear which is designed for a sporting activity and has, or has provision for, the attachment of spikes, sprigs, stops, clips, bars or the like.

5. Dancing slippers

6. House footwear (e.g., bedroom slippers)

7. Footwear obtained in a single piece, particularly by moulding rubber or plastics by carving from a solid piece of wood.

8. Other footwear specially designed to protect against oil, grease, chemicals or cold.

9. Overshoes worn over other footwear; in some cases, they are heel-less.

10. Disposable footwear, with applied soles, generally designed to be used only once.