Saturday, September 27, 2008

Customs Duties and VAT Calculator

Thank God, I finished it!! I made a customs duties and vat calculator using Visual Basic 6.0. It was not as easy as I imagined since I forgot some of the codes and syntaxes. The last time I used VB6 is in 4th year high school and with todays crazy life that is like gazillion years ago.

It is just an ordinary calculator. It can compute up to 4 items (shipped together). You need to input the cost, shipping cost (total shipping cost of all items), rate of exchange, rate of duty for each item and the total excise tax if there is any. The calculator is only applicable on importations through mail (ems, naia, post office).

Click the link below to download the file (.exe file):
Customs Duties and VAT Calculator

If there are any bugs, suggestions or you want more features to be added (please nothing too ambitious for my powers), please write it on the comments section.

Hope it helps :)


  1. sis, your calculator helps me a lot!
    sana dagdag mo din yung brokerage fee

  2. Hi Katsky,

    I'm a software engineer, especializing in ecommerce web development, I can help you convert your vb code to aspx so it could be used online, i'll send you the converted code or send you a link where you can access it.

    I admire you for all the help concerning export/import tax, it's quite helpful. Keep up the good work.

    You may contact me thru my yahoo id/email me at

    Add me up, thanks.

  3. Hi! I was hoping you could help me compute for my customs fees. i dont know how to use your calculator :(

    my items are:
    (all cotton)
    hoodie USD 6.98
    hoodie USD 5.99
    hoodie USD 6.98
    hoodie USD 8.75
    hoodie USD 5.99
    hoodie USD 7.50
    jacket USD 10.50
    jacket USD 8.75
    jacket USD 9.25
    dress USD 6.50
    shirt USD 5.50
    shirt USD 4.09
    shirt USD 7.00
    shirt USD 5.73
    shirt USD 6.23
    shirt USD 5.98
    shirt USD 5.73

    shorts USD 7.04
    pants USD 7.74

    alloy and imitation
    antique brass pendant USD 1.30
    alloy and plating imitation
    antique brass USD 1.98
    alloy pendant USD 1.48
    alloy pendant USD 2.43
    wood and PVC bead pendant USD 1.35
    wood and PVC bead pendant USD 1.35
    alloy and resin pendant USD 1.98

    the items cost 151.60 but became 136.55 after discount. shipping is 47.97. total value is 184.52. package was from china.

    im worried they might overcharge me. better be prepared! :D

    please email me nalang at thanks in advance!

  4. this is awsome....sana my tutorial pano gamitin or any sample procedure on how to put all the inputs!!!very nice....tnx

  5. how to use this calculator?
    parang interesting p naman

  6. Just fill in the blanks lang then press compute. May note sa baba.


    I normally buy my dive gears and accessories at leisurepro but send them to a US address and pick the items once I have schedules of going there. So hand carrying them is not an issue going back here since most are small items.

    Pardon my ignorance --- for these type of items, give gears and accessories, how much is the customs duty if i decide to ship it here in the Philippines? Will this include excise taxes or other charges?

    I'm willing to pay the taxes for as long as it is properly charged and no corruption involved.

    Thanks for the calculator tool - pretty straight forward but don't know the duty rates for the items I've mentioned.

    Hope you have time for my queries.

    Here is my blogspot:


  8. thanks. this would be a big help..
    ano ung rate of duty in each item?

  9. same queastion as above.... pano yung rate of duty?

  10. yung rate of duty ay makkuha sa tariff and customs code of the philippines volume 1 pero kailgan yung marunong mag classify lang ang makakagamit nun.

  11. hi, id like to import a small amount of pewter ingot(tin metal alloy) for my hobby. in order to use your calculator whats the rate of duty for pewter (tin metal)? sorry, this would be my first time to import. thanks in advance!

  12. Hi there, I would be ordering makeup palettes from china,Im not sure how much would the customs charge me, anu ung rate of duty for that one? pati na rin mga make up brush?

    would really appreciate your help.
    thank you

    makeupid25 at yahoo dot com

  13. How about the miscellaneous expenses, aren't they included when comnputing for the Landed Cost? e.g. Brokerage fee, bank charge, etc.

    anyway this one is very useful. but can you make a calculator for computing excise taxes for motor vehicles and alcohol products?


  14. Hello Katsky, I'm a new eBay user and I am not aware of the tax and duties. Puwede po bang paki-compute po yung binili ko (I don't know how to use the calc):


    A Jansport Elefunk bag worth $26.24 (P1215.10 converted)
    Shipping Fee: $ 19.99
    Total: Around Php 2150
    Location: US
    USPS First Class Mail po yung ginamit niya at hanggang ngayon wala pa po. Mag-15th working day na po bukas (july 27,2010).


    A Samsung Omnia 2 i8000 (5 megapixels, touchscreen, windows phone with wifi) worth 76.50 euros (Php 4541)

    Shipping fee: 40 euros
    Location: Spain
    Used na po kaya mura na lang po siya. But the total that I have paid is around Php7,500. Hindi ko pa po alam yung postal svc na ginamit niya kasi kakabayad ko lang po ngayon (july 26,2010).

    Hopefully po masagot niyo yung mga tanong ko. Nababagabag naman po kasi ako baka sobrang laki ng tax e student lang po ako. God bless po.

  15. I saw this one.

  16. @cble reviewee
    yung calculator is simply for mail shipments to be claimed by owners.
    pero sa cble exam ksama yung brokerage fee sa computation. wlang arrastre and wharfage sa mail shipments.
    wla akong panahon gumawa ng ibang calculator kasi nag-rereview din ako ngayon.


    bags - 15%
    cellphone - 0%

    inde ko alam kung pababayarin ka o hinde. importation is a privilege not a right kaya nga may tax. government has to protect local industries. just think if everybody would straightly buy abroad papaano na yung mga official distributor or retailers dito na may license agreement sa parent company.

    @anon 5:57

    mali yung computation nya. wlang taxable value. hindi din ksama postal charge sa computation ng vat.

  17. @katsky, thanks po. Nakuha ko na po yung bag, P40 lang po binayaran. Yung phone di ko pa po nakuha.

  18. Hello,

    I purchased tickets for an event in Singapore and also paid for it to be shipped here. DHL came here earlier and was asking me to pay duties/taxes. Is that really necessary? I mean they are just documents/piece of paper that were shipped to me and they were paid already and will not be used here in the Philippines anyway. Do you think it is still lawful for them to tax it? Thanks!

  19. @ji
    the tickets cannot be taxed because it is not for local consumption therefore the article is not considered "imported". by principle, only articles for local consumption are to be taxed. you have to argue. ask for the customs broker.

  20. Hi katsky!

    I am importing Korean accessories from China. I have read something about being free from taxable duties when you have become a member of local jewelers here. I do understand that when they say "jewels" it also include imitate jewelry made of alloys.

    Although I'm still bewildered on how to become a member of local jewelers and how to process papers, what do I need to do and such. And I'm not even sure if my importation is guaranteed tax free since jewelries are subjected to excise tax and such.

    Can you please enlighten me on this matter? Or do you have any useful links I can use? I am searching through Google and I can't find any sensible links about this matter.

    Thank you!

  21. what you looking for is the r.a. 8502 or "the jewelry industry act of 1998".

    it is in the tariff commission website including the irr.

    you can download application form in the boi website.

    the list of jewelry associations is in the philexport website under fashion accessories (link below).

  22. i would like to order dresses from korea.i dont know to use your calculator.pls help.
    16 dresses total of -$103.28

    thanks po

  23. followup on candy's question:

    i also plan on importing rings (with values less than $10) from a manufacturer in china. does the jewelry act apply to?

    are there any other legal stuff i should be aware of?


  24. Are there any file copies of this customs calculator? The file doesn't seem to be on the link anymore.

    Perhaps somebody could mail me the file at:

    Thanks for any help!

    freight forwarder and customs brokerage
    if you need any assistance regarding importation you can contact me at


    freight forwarder and customs brokerage
    if you need any assistance regarding importation you can contact me at

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  29. i am really disappointed today :( ive got my 2.4kg package, with declared value of $15 and i got 2400 pesos customs fee?

  30. Why does Norton 360 immediately delete the exe file?

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